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We are SHIC 👽 - The first brand-name marketplace!
Initially, SHIC was conceived as an ordinary shoe and clothing store, but after a couple of years of work, we realized that this is not something that interests us. We always wanted to help people and the rest of the stores, but we could not do this because of the daily competition and endless hostility between all market participants, so after another brainstorm, we decided to radically change the vector of development of our project and it was decided to become a marketplace. We completely rethought the company's policy, made a website and in two months we were ready to blow up the market with a new cool project!

Why is it profitable to sell on SHIC💰

The answer is ridiculously simple - lightness!
Here you can easily promote your product to the tops, give away promotional codes - thereby attract potential buyers, see sales statistics, and net profit. This is a small part of what awaits you after the sale of your first product on SHIC, words cannot convey it. You have to try here!

What is a check mark✅ and what does it do

A tick is a kind of designation that the seller is making progress, and he has been with us for a long time. A check mark gives access to previously closed functions. The best of the best are ticked, of course anyone can get it, but will you have the courage to overcome this challenge?

Our products are divided into SIX categories

SALES🔥 - the category where the really hot offers appear. Here you can find from discounts on a pair of socks to discounts on a whole season of clothes!

Shoes👟 - the name speaks for itself. Sneakers, boots, shoes and flip-flops - all this is in this section. From trendy Nike, Adidas, Supreme, Yeezy, Jordan, Puma or Reebok to luxury Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci!

Clothes👕 - any person wants to stand out and be unique, so clothes are one of the best solutions in this situation. Buying a hoodie, T-shirt, trendy pants, shorts or even a suit for a business meeting is easier and faster than you think!

Accessories🎩 - hats, scarves, bags, glasses, belts, watches and much more live here!

Sports⛹🏽 - each athlete will rate this category. I wanted clothes from the collaboration between The Rock and Under Armor - choose any, I wanted to update my sports uniform - no problem! If you are going to the mountains on skis, do not forget to buy some equipment first!

Skateboarding🛹 - of course we could not get around this subculture, which has already grown to incredible proportions. This category will make life easier for every skater. Buying skate clothing, shoes or board accessories is now as easy as shelling pears!

Why shopping on SHIC is safe🔒

You will never be deceived at SHIC! When you pay for a product, the money is transferred to a temporary account, where it remains until you are convinced that the product suits you. Then they are transferred to the seller's account. But there is another way: you pay directly with the seller by paying for the goods with Cash on Delivery)

What about the commission📊

We will immediately answer your questions:

  1. Does the buyer pay commission?
  2. No, the buyer buys the product without commission, the seller pays it.

  3. How can a seller reduce the commission percentage?
  4. Everything is pretty easy if you try. You will need to get a check mark, it can be obtained by successfully selling 40 items.

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