SHIC is the place where you build your own destiny. Here you can be a sneaker overlord or a sweater tycoon, or buy so many accessories that everyone around you can think that you are an American rapper
Just go to the «Dispute» section and write a message to the support service
A check mark is a kind of designation that the seller has already made quite a few successful sales, for this, he gets a lot of buns.
Yes, at the moment when you pay for the purchase, the money does not come to the seller immediately, but is transferred to the «Savings account», and only when you confirm the purchase, the seller will have the money, but if you do not want to buy clothes for some reason, send goods to the seller, and when he has it, you will already have the money!
Go to the «Dispute» section and then describe the problem, insert a photo or video. You will be contacted shortly!
You went to the FAQ, which translates as «Frequently asked questions», or simply: a question-answer. Written here. most frequently asked questions.
Go to the settings, and then open the «Preferences» section and choose a dark theme.
According to the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights" and Art. 707 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, goods sold on shic.net are subject to exchange or return. It is possible to replace or return goods with a refund if:
  • No more than 14 days have passed since the receipt of the goods
  • The product has retained its presentation
  • The purchased product did not fit in size, style, shape, dimensions, equipment, etc.
In this case, we will offer the buyer the delivery of another item or refund if the redelivery is refused. To replace or return an item, fill out the Dispute form, indicating any actual deficiencies and reasons for replacement or refund.


Add items to your cart, and enter your promotional code on the delivery page. The promo code works only for those products that the seller indicated when adding it, products by the promo code can be viewed either in the "My promo codes" tab (Profile > Promo codes) or enter this link in the search box shic.net/promocode/your promo code
Send the goods to the seller and we will refund your money!
The estimated delivery time is written on the product page, but we are all not perfect and maybe a little late, so do not be angry if the seller does not have time to deliver your purchases.
For delivery, you need to indicate your address, after that the seller will deliver the goods to you, delivery to the post office or by courier is possible. If you need delivery of the goods in one particular way, write to the seller and discuss it with him.
Now you can pay by credit card, Apple Pay and Google Pay, but also some goods can be paid only by cash on delivery, but this is chosen by the seller in the store settings.


When you have almost published your product, you are offered a choice of a promotion plan, choose the one you need, and you're done!
It's easy! Make 20 successful sales and it's yours.
Go to the «Promocodes» section in your account, select the type of promo code and the required number of products and you have a unique discount that you can share.
Take high quality photos of the product with description and price.
Register Lets Goo 🔥 and buy things in two clicks